Kansas City Pond & Lake Services

ESTATE MANAGEMENT SERVICES, Inc. is an established lake and pond management company providing aquatic services to the Kansas City areas. We have grown quickly by earning repeat business and referrals from our Kansas City clients. Many call on us for building and maintaining lakes, ponds and waterways. Our other popular services include wetland construction or restoration. If you already have an established aquatic area our seasoned staff have the capability and knowledge to assist you in on-going lake and pond management. Our services include installing fountains and aeration systems, conducting water chemistry tests, lake bank reconstruction, dredging, algae control and fish stocking.

Estate Management Services, Inc. is a licensed and insured aquatics contracting and land management company based in Georgia with branch offices servicing Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and Virginia.

Fountain and Aeration Benefits

Fountains can be an efficient (he had sufficient?) form of aeration, we recommend 2hp. per surface acre in most cases. Fountain aeration can be further enhanced by adding bottom draw attachments and/or nozzle types. One of the most efficient forms of aeration is with the use of an air diffuser system. Air diffuser systems have lower electrical costs to maintain them; however air diffusers have little aesthetic value because most of the aeration process takes place under the water. Both options have clear benefits such as:

  • Fountains typically add 7% value to real estate with water features
  • Aeration improves water chemistry and clarity
  • Helps support fish and microphyle health
  • Aeration is a leading way to prevent fish kills
  • Controlling certain types of weed and algae


Fountains and Aeration SystemsFountains and Aeration SystemsFountain and Aeration SystemFountains and Aerationg Systems